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CERM Academy. It's been a year!

The CERM MIS is well known as a foundation for a lean manufacturing organisation and for delivering high levels of productivity by process automation with its ecosystem partners. Although CERM MIS is well documented, the road from A to Z can remain challenging. As an answer to this quest, CERM launched it’s free e-learning platform exactly one year ago.


Two target audiences

The main intention of the CERM Academy is to use the implementation time as efficiently as possible. Of course, an implementation will never succeed by simply watching video’s but preparation is half the battle they say. New users have fundamental e-courses available that will support them in their training process of mastering the CERM MIS software. This will drastically reduce the time spent on 1-on-1 training with the CERM instructor. They can re-watch video’s to better comprehend the learning material and it is easier for them to pass on their knowledge to co-workers. By preparing well for the arrival of the consultant, users have an idea of what’s coming and specific questions can be gathered in advance. The platform contains a step-by-step plan that shows which user should see which video’s and in which phase of the implementation.

Long-time users, which are part of the success of CERM, should take advantage of this platform as well. For example to prevent knowledge draining when employees move roles within the company. The online courses will support their training in their new role, as well as the person taking over their previous role. Also, with the advanced training courses, the CERM Academy may hold the key to previously overlooked productivity gains but without failing on quality. Finally, not to forget the CERM new software releases each 6 months. The CERM Academy hosts comprehensive demonstrations of the new features and improvements so their users can start utilizing them as effortlessly as possible.

“The link between investing in training and productivity is undeniable” said Geert Van Damme, Managing Director of CERM. “The quick evolving world shows us learning is a lifelong necessity. Keeping an open mind lets us tap into new opportunities. This lean skill has been proven to be very successful for CERM.” With the CERM Academy, they take their users along on this journey.



Consultants were often asked to devote a complete training to creating layouts and how to make specific adjustments so that the corporate identity of the company can be applied to the documents. At the end of 2019 the first E-Learning course ‘Document Layouts’ was released by consultant Tom Ulens and so was the CERM Academy. This aspect contains many things and therefore you have to be able to apply the theory in practice in order to master it. For that reason, relevant cases are presented that the students could solve in a sandbox environment based on the provided theory.

Exactly one year later, the platform contains a considerable range of courses and based on the positive feedback one can speak of a success story. Courses are available in English and some in French. Users can watch or re-watch at their own time as needed. Premium courses with personal assistance are available at a considerable lower cost. Not only will you gain time, but also save valuable consultancy hours.

Some facts and figures:

  • 27 courses host over 450 video’s, bundled per user function, for no charge.
  • 485 users actively use the platform
  • The enrollment counter runs up to 1400
  • 64,8 videos are watched per day.

Just as the MIS software has grown tremendously thanks to the involvement of customers and partners, the future of the CERM Academy will also be determined in this way. This enables CERM to take customer satisfaction and experience to a higher level. The platform is growing faster and faster based on the demand and a proactive approach and the e-course trainers sharper their skills to get the message across in a consistent and user friendly manner.


Click here to visit the CERM Academy.