CERM Smart BI: How is your Stock Management?


CERM Smart BI includes different standard Reports that give you the opportunity to easily follow up on your stock levels. The Smart BI Material Inventory Report makes it possible to gain insight in your current stock levels, to follow up on trends and to be able to consequently and actively manage your Material Inventory.

CERM Smart BI: Raw Material overview

The Stock Management report will give you an answer to the question: Is my stock value going up?

Via the age buckets you are able to do some analysis based on the Age or Expiration of the materials. The visual below is showing the materials divided over the different age buckets.
By selecting the bucket >360 days, the report will immediately filter on those materials.

The table below gives you a detailed overview of what materials are older than 360 days, their value and quantity. It is even possible to add the stock location and this way answer the questions where are the materials older than 360 days located.

More interested in managing this on SKU level? You can use the arrows to get all the details.

CERM Smart BI: age bucket and SKU detail

Managing stock levels with Stock Days overview     

The Stock Days overview page can be helping to actively manage your stock levels. Based on your consumption on the last 90 days, we calculate the average daily consumption of a specific substrate. Dividing your current stock level by the average daily consumption, you can find a prediction of how many days of stock you still have left.

For example, substrate 000477 there is only 9 days of stock left. You might have to consider reordering this material. On the other hand, for substrate 000372 we still have 319 days of stock, so you could start taking measures to lower this stock.

In line with the Material Inventory Report, the Product Inventory Report gives you the opportunity to optimize and precisely follow-up Product Stock. Using the WIP report in CERM? No worries Smart BI got you covered as well.

CERM Smart BI: Stock Days overview


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