2023 In Focus


It has been almost 2,5 years since our MBO, and we are working hard on realizing our own dreams. We are growing as a company, we are hiring the right people to join the CERM team and we are improving our software and services for the Labels and Packaging market. When looking at the future we continue to see an interesting and challenging set of opportunities.


Integration as an industry trend

Last year might very well be the year we’ll remember as the year we finally got to welcome back our industry events and tradeshows after a long-lasting worldwide pandemic. We’ve enjoyed each encounter and we were very happy to hear about the latest experiences and new projects within the industry.

A remarkable trend is the growing demand amongst label- and packaging printshops for integration and workflow automation. Whereas not so long ago, it were mainly the industry vendors who tried to shift the general mindset and highlight the advantages of Industry 4.0 and business automation.

This also means that, in an era of further specialization, it has now become your vendor’s responsibility to align to a communication standard. Without standardization, an API is nothing more than an isolated road without connection to the outer world, forcing inefficient and costly customization for each individual printshop.


The CERM next-gen software

We believe in connecting all elements of your business into an integrated workflow. Our CERM MIS can take on this role as spider in the web and streamline all individual operating systems into one powerful and interactive framework that proves to be more than the sum of its parts.

We continue to adapt our software to the rising needs and new demands of modern-day printshops. We’ve made it our mission statement to become the leading world-wide MIS supplier for the label- and packaging industry. Our development team counts over 30 software engineers, already working hard on the CERM next-gen software ensuring our and our customers’ future. It is no secret that cloud- and browser-based solutions will play an important part in the evolution of our industry.

A beautiful example is our Scheduling Optimization tool that enables all our customers to share the calculation power of a cloud optimization engine to maximize their on-time deliveries and reduce change-over times.


A wave of consolidation marking the label- and packaging industry

Another remarkable trend or evolution that continues to impose itself is a wave of consolidation between individual printshops to multisite label- or packaging groups. The need for an integrated workflow within each site is supplemented with the need for a unified approach of resources for the whole group.

Our CERM Business Intelligence solution allows to report and analyze across databases and our multisite configuration even allows to store and manage data of different sites within a single database with centralized parameters. A complete end-to-end solution tailored to your needs, no matter how many you are.


2023 will no doubt be an interesting year and might prove to be a turning point for the label- and packaging industry. We’re looking forward with great spirit and confidence and we’ll continue to strive for operational excellence. It is from this perspective that I wish all of you the very best for this exciting new year.


Geert Van Damme



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