Changing MIS systems at Advantage Label & Packaging: Turning a big challenge into an even bigger win


Changing or implementing MIS systems always prove to be a major change for label or packaging converters, having a big impact on their workflow. And just so for Advantage Label and Packaging, a Michigan based printing company that provides total labeling solutions to grow its customer’s business. Choosing CERM allowed Advantage to centralize all different software systems into one centralized MIS with shopfloor data collection as backbone for cost calculation. Not only improving efficiency, but also keeping tight control over productivity with detailed estimation based on real costs.


“If we wanted to succeed in being the best possible label converter we could be, we knew we needed the best information and needed to be efficient. We came from an amalgamation of different systems almost put together like Frankenstein. We took a roll of paper, pasted screenshots of every step we took to make a label and completely shocked ourselves… We needed to do things differently, we needed a way to centralize all these steps into one integrated system”, recalls Brad Knoth – General Manager Operations at Advantage Label & Packaging.


“CERM is very specific to our industry and sets you up with a massive amount of great information. The pricing module is really the cross-over point between all different technologies we can use. Most of the labels we’re printing can be manufactured by following different routes and presses, including finishing. We now can determine the optimal production route for any specific quantity. Changing systems and implementing CERM MIS clearly was our best option.”

See the full testimonial video with Brad Knoth learn the complete decision-making-process that preceded the implementation of CERM on INKISH.TV at:


Special thanks to Henrik Klem Lassen and Morten B. Reitoft from Inkish TV for the interviews and converage.

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