Automation of Digi-Paq’s upstream digital process


Digi-Paq, a commercial printer based in Kortemark, Belgium, has been using HYBRID Software’s PACKZ and CLOUDFLOW solutions for a year now. Digi-Paq’s managing director Stefaan Parrein says: “The number of manual interventions in the upstream process – taking orders, approving them and preparing them for the print queue – has dropped so much that we are doing twice as much work as before, and with the same team.


CERM - Hybrid Cloudflow & PACKZ integration at Digi-Paq

From left to right: Digi-Paq Director Stefaan Parrein, Operations Manager Frederik Parrein and Bert Van der Perre, HYBRID Associate Director of Sales.


Digi-Paq began in 2017 by offering rolls of self-adhesive labels printed exclusively digitally, which makes this very young company quite unique. Its machine fleet consists of three Screen Truepress Jet UV inkjet presses with inline finishing systems. The gap in the market was real, as evidenced by its growth figures and the number of employees, which has since increased to over 20. Digi-Paq serves a customer base that ranges from local SMEs to top international companies. The company is also BRC-certified and serves customers from the chemical industry to the food sector.


Growing Pains

However, rapid growth often leads to a few teething problems. Digi-Paq has not escaped this either, admits Stefaan Parrein: “Digital printing technology has made us very responsive. We deliver within a week, or even within a day if we really need to. The upstream process was still manageable in the beginning, but with the demand, we eventually reached our limits. Too much time was being wasted checking files, making changes if necessary, and waiting for the customer to give the green light. After a thorough study, we decided to trust HYBRID as the best solution.”


Connection with CERM

Digi-Paq chose a full HYBRID configuration, with PACKZ and CLOUDFLOW. From there, a connection was established with CERM’s MIS for Labels & Packaging software, which has been in use in the company since its inception. Frederik Parrein, son of Stefaan and Operations Manager at Digi-Paq, remarks: “The previously manual checks of all incoming files have been fully automated. CLOUDFLOW makes sure that each file is directed to the right folder without any human intervention. We don’t have to worry about that anymore either. Thanks to the intelligent connection with CERM, we have a complete overview of the production process at all times and from anywhere.”


Simplified changes and approvals

Fixing incoming files has also been greatly optimized. Frederik: “Corrections are now done directly in the PDF with PACKZ, which also makes a world of difference. Source files are no longer necessary and every change to the product is fully trackable in the customer history. Once the file is ready, the customer receives a notification and can view one or more files at a time, which he can validate in a web portal. Before, everything was done by e-mail, a time that is fortunately over. The serenity that prevails today in prepress – you have no idea!”


Automation of repetitive tasks

Once the file has been validated, it is automatically prepared for printing. Stefaan explains: “There’s no need to pull your hair out. The file data, such as the inks to be used and the barcode, as well as the data from CERM, are automatically generated in a dashboard, which provides the operators with a perfect overview of all job-related information at all times. The repetition and addition of print marks required for printing and finishing is also fully automated.” Stefaan concludes: “Looking back on the past year, I can only congratulate us for making the right decision in choosing HYBRID as our partner. The difference compared to a year ago is drastic; this solution meets all our hopes and expectations. Everything went perfectly, both in terms of consultation with HYBRID and its customized interventions to meet our needs. HYBRID’s open structure and reactivity have also pleasantly surprised us.”


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