The Norwegian family-run business Skipnes Etikett has completely revamped its pre-press department and the way in which customers receive and approve jobs, following the installation of industry-leading products from HYBRID Software alongside a Cerm MIS system. The company trades as Skipnes Labels & Flexibles from its Trondheim premises, where Geir Hagen is managing director.

“We’ve taken a huge leap forward in terms of efficiency and our ability to better serve customers following the implementation of a range of products from HYBRID Software, which we have interfaced with a new Cerm MIS system,” says Mr Hagen. “Although we did already operate an MIS system this was a stand-alone package while the majority of our pre-press functions were handled manually. The speed with which jobs were checked and approved no longer met our needs.

“We examined carefully what was available on the market and HYBRID Software came out ahead with what we considered to be the most modern platform and which also provided easy integration with the Cerm software. Our aim was to create a pre-press environment that would provide work effectively and quickly for our narrow web flexo presses and our HP Indigo 6800 digital press plus the in-line finishing facilities.” The technical team at Skipnes Labels & Flexibles decided on HYBRID Software’s PACKZ PDF label/packaging editing software plus CLOUDFLOW workflow and the PROOFSCOPE proofing facility. HYBRID Software has recently integrated PROOFSCOPE with Cerm’s portal software Web4Labels to create a highly efficient end-to-end order approval system.

“We have been very satisfied with the results,” says Geir Hagen. “The high level of automation means that jobs flow through the pre-press department about 30 per cent faster than before, which obviously means that we can produce more work, while the potential for errors has been reduced significantly. Customers can easily view and approve files and this simplifies the whole process for them. Having our MIS system as an integral part of the pre-press environment also has great advantages in regards to cost effectiveness.”

Skipnes Labels & Flexibles operates its factory on a two shift basis during the week and specialises in providing high-quality printed self-adhesive labels to the beverage and food sectors throughout Norway. The company intends to expand its flexo press capacity in 2018 as well as the finishing equipment for its digital output facilities. “With the HYBRID Software and Cerm products now in place, the pre-press department will be able to efficiently handle the extra demands of the press room,” says Mr Hagen.


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