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ER Label gains true insight in its workflow and business processes

Situated in Sennecy-le-Grand, to the south of Chalon-sur-Saône, ER Label is the commercial brand of Europe Rouleaux dedicated to the Label industry. The family business employs twelve workers and is run by Aymeric Petitjean, delivering self-adhesive labels to all kinds of industries from agri-food to logistics, including even pharma and cosmetics.

ER Label has adopted the CERM MIS for 6 years. It was Aymeric Petitjean himself who initially carried out this project, the aim of which was to have a clear vision at time of production, purchases and cost prices.

“ We started from scratch with minimal IT equipment and everything was organized around CERM.”

A second step was taken two years ago with the installation of the PacZ solution from Hybrid Software and the company is currently finalizing the CloudFlow project. There are many links between CERM and CloudFlow and all information is centralized, accessible in one place.

“ As for PacZ, it turns out to be an ideal solution for adapting customer files to our production.”

According to Aymeric Petitjean, who recognizes that the company could no longer do without the CERM MIS and the Hybrid Software integrations, the organization is much more fluid, the team works faster with a positive impact on production. As for the customers, they have gained visibility and deadlines.

With CloudFlow being integrated, there are currently no other planned steps. The explanation is simple and focusses on maximum efficiency: “There are new features, and we are paying attention to them, but we are currently pushing to improve the availability of our software systems since we are working more and more outdoors or on-the-go and current applications do not yet allow full access."

If advice had to be given to a colleague who wishes to start implementing the CERM MIS, Aymeric emphasizes that the workload can be substantial at the start of the project, hence the importance of being able to have one or more employees interested in these developments and involved during its implementation.

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