La Commerciale is a printing company that is a specializes in self-adhesive and reel labels, brochure and luxury packaging. With over seventy years of experience and a tradition that bridges four generations, La Commerciale combines speed and industrial capacity with artisan care, sophisticated materials, seriousness in proofing and profiling, and the quality of a job that is ready to give the most intense of emotions: elegance in detail.

According to Frederica Artuffo at La Commerciale, keeping up-to-date has always been at the centre of La Commerciale growth, with an eye towards extreme quality in the entire productive process. Mauro and Paolo, La Commerciale owners, truly believe in the power of efficiency, organization and productivity. For this reason, they’re always looking for new ways of making the entire process the most automatized as possible.

“ It was 2016 when we decided to invest on CERM MIS but we finished implementing it 2 years later. It has been a lot of work but now we could never live without. The integration with the prepress workflows is fundamental for our everyday job. “

Having the information you need in the easiest and fastest way is the key to be efficient, Luca continues. F.e. Hybrid systems are really flexible in the way they receive data, analyse them and make them usable in our workflows. In the meantime Cerm is the right MIS to collect data. This means that we can eventually reach 99% of automation in our prepress department avoiding human errors.

Because the integration with the prepress workflows is fundamental for our everyday job, we knew immediately when we saw the Hybrid – CERM solutions that this is the winning combination for us. 

The connection itself is not an easy process, we need to say it. But when every step works you see immediately the advantages. Less time creating the orders and jobs, less time in finding the information you need to make decisions, less time for the operators to do their job especially in the prepress department. We have just 2 operators who work approximately 6000 new complex products per year, which is quite impressive.

La Commerciale looks to the future with continued ambition. Keeping their production department on top of their game - currently operating three Gallus TCS 250 with several finishings (offset- and printing units, hot foil, embossing, screen printing and die cutting), one HP Indigo WS 6800,  two ABG Digicon Series 3 and one Speedmaster CD 64 – and investing a lot of time and energies on our new ecommerce brand. For sure the next investments in terms of automation will be focused on this project. We don’t know yet which investments we’ll do but we’re sure we want to enhance the customer experience online.

La commerciale

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