UK's Plastic Packaging Tax, one year later


Just over a year ago the UK government decided to install a quite consequential Plastic Packaging Tax, forcing label and packaging print shops to monitor and submit their usage and consumption of plastic in their products and manufacturing processes. It serves a noble purpose – supporting sustainability in our industry – but it has also caused a lot of concerned frowning on how to manage a complex reporting process that covers all aspects of this PPT-legislation. 


The CERM Plastic Packaging-toolset covers two essential scripts to first calculate and inject the PPT weight for product and liner separately into 2 fields of the product properties, and secondly to calculate and automatically create invoice price lines on sales orders when applicable. 

Our periodic reporting tool contains a fixed set of reports that include stock intake of finished products over a specific period of time, and an alternative report based on shipped finished products. 


“It’s turning out to be a win-win situation for everyone and there’s a real tendency to go for more-and-more eco-friendly label- or packaging solutions. 
The CERM Plastic Packaging toolkit works very well. The monthly reports allow you to track every product, produced and shipped, and how much plastic they involve exactly.” 
Dennis Ebeltoft, Operations Director at Springfield Solutions


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