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Abel Labels, Tasmanian Manufacturers of Self-Adhesive Labels


Since its foundation in 1986 in Kingston, Abel Labels have been servicing Tasmanian businesses through the provision of high-quality products, customer service and advice. Tasmania’s premier self-adhesive label printer delivers a complete offering from enhanced premium labels for local wineries and produce to fast and simple digital printed “budget” labels. Since their takeover in 2004, Trent and Michelle Cowen have been raising the benchmark even more for printing quality “Down Under”.


“CERM has brought all of our production processes into one system.  Ordering and tracking products, services and materials makes scheduling plain and simple.  CERM systemizes and simplifies our processes.  It creates a great communication process to pass on accurate information.  I recommend CERM for any small business.  It will loosen the shackles of running a business.”

– Trent Cowen, Managing Director at Abel Labels


“Since we took over in 2004, we have invested heavily in brand new flexographic and digital equipment, expanding our production department to its current form: A Mark Andy 2200 flexographic press, another Mark Andy Digital One, an Epson Surepress, ABG Digicon Series 3 and to relieve our Hikari and Onda letterpress machines”, recalls Managing Director Trent Cowen.

“But, on the other hand, we were bogged down with duplicated processes, poor communication and reliance on information in a single person’s head. Quotes were originally prepared with a calculator, then we ‘upgraded’ to a spreadsheet. By implementing CERM, we’re finally in the 21st century.”

“The biggest difference in our day-to-day way of working is that Abel Labels now can rely on a centralized MIS instead of its management, micromanaging every job. We are still expanding the way we are using CERM to include outsourced products and purchasing materials and products. Sure, there is some initial effort required to get everything moving, but once you have gone through that the benefits snowball. “

“Looking to the future, Abel Labels will continue to deliver our customers the best service and experience when we supply our products. CERM will be a major part of our efforts to do so. “






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