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From company visit to CERM user group: a story beyond expectations

What a great reunion it was! The most recent Label Congress, 29th – 30th of September, was our first post-lockdown outing and it filled us with joy to see many of our clients and prospects again, exchanging thoughts and presenting all new stuff that has happened these past few months. But the most mind-staying of all experiences came from a fantastic collaboration with a true CERM-pioneer.

When Prairie State Group, the first ever Northern American flexible packaging printer to implement CERM, suggested to welcome some of our contacts from the Label Congress for a guided visit - PSG is only a 10-minute-drive away from the Donald E. Stevens Convention Center and a great partner… we happily accepted their generous offer.

After accepting personal invitations, CERM customers Heather and Tim Taylor (VP Customer Development and General Manager at DRG Tech), Christina Addington (Operations Director at Mammoth Packaging) and Will Prettyman (General Manager at Brandmark Inc. - Wise) gathered at Label Congress:

First, we had everyone invited for a conference panel discussion: how far can business automation and Industry 4.0 go, which featured our very own Nate Hoogeboom. A pleasant start of the day and a perfect moment for everyone to get acquainted.

Afterwards we took our customers along and our group was warmly welcomed at PSG by Dan Doherty, Executive VP of Operations at Prairie State Group. Since 1999, PSG has provided custom solutions for the flexible packaging and labelling industry. Implementing CERM MIS marked a complete turnaround from using an aging and obsolete ERP to the embrace a whole new way of working. Dan and his colleagues showed us exactly how they manage their complete workflow: from estimating to order entry and scheduling, material management and how they’re getting the most out of the shopfloor data collection. An impressive demonstration topped off with an interesting and nice plant tour.

Needless to say, the whole day was a complete hit. Not just because of all the best-practices being exchanged or getting to know new label companions, but because of the valuable connections that were made. Moreover, intentions to keep in touch and to form a close-knit users group were sincerely expressed. At CERM, we can only be grateful to have such loyal and ambitious partners characterised by open minded entrepreneurship. A big thank you to everyone involved.


“It was an excellent visit, and we appreciated the opportunity to interface with other CERM users. I think that the outcome being the initial formation of a collaborative group that can discuss issues and share solutions will be invaluable going forward.”

Tim Taylor – DRG Tech

A successful company visit and a great experience that led to all smiling faces. Thank You Prairie State Group!
PSG company visit
PSG company visit

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