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Esko-CERM world first makes automation of complex labels possible for Asteria Group


A world-first integrated solution that automates workflows for complex labels production has been developed by Esko and CERM, enabling Belgium-based Asteria Group to automate workflows to produce complex labels. A Solution that would both simplify processes and expand the product offering range of Accent, part of the Asteria Labels & Packaging Group.


Christophe Beke, Chief Technology Innovation Officer at the Asteria Group, who managed the project for Accent, said when the pilot project began, the challenge was primarily to automate the various flavor and multi-label runs for one of their customers.

“Though this work only represented 5% of our total orders, the complexity of the print job meant that we had both an art specialist and prepress operator employed full time just to manage the project,” said Christophe. “Not having the ability to manage this with automated workflows meant that different files were needed for the various stages of the job. Now it’s fully automated, everything is streamlined removing any possibility for human error in loading the different files at the wrong time.”

Benefits of the new integration with Esko Automation Engine include the ability to automate workflows for complex jobs - everything from combination prints to front and back printing. “The efficiency and productivity savings since introducing the new Automation Engine integration functionality have been huge,” said Christophe. “If we do a peel-off label, where previously we would have had to spend around four hours in prepress, it can now be done in less than 30 minutes.”


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All credit and special thanks to Esko and Asteria Group

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