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Labelprofi's need for speed

Digitize to meet the need for speed

Established as a graphic design and prepress studio, LabelProfi – formerly named Megalogos – was founded in 1994 in Slovenj Gradec, a small town in northern Slovenia. In the decades that followed, the company built on its years of experience in graphics and production to specialize in label and flexible packaging production.

More recently LabelProfi made the shift to fully go digital, enabling to deliver high quality materials with fast response and delivery times. Thanks to continuous joint developments from Esko & CERM they can now manage complex labels such as front and backside printed labels, peel off labels and vertical kits in a fully automated way.

In order to manage the growing number of orders, LabelProfi automated their prepress workflow with Esko Automation Engine and integrated CERM MIS to stay up with the demand.




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