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Prairie State Group Becomes the First Flexible Packaging Printer in North America to Implement CERM

Prairie State Group, an SQF certified flexible packaging and pressure sensitive label printer, based in Franklin Park, Illinois, is pleased to announce the adoption of its new ERP system, CERM. Prairie State Group is the first flexible packaging printer in North America to implement CERM technology into its business operations.

Founded in 1983 and headquartered in Belgium, CERM offers end-to-end solutions for Labels and Packaging, encompassing the entire value chain. CERM operates on three continents now, with Prairie State Group as the first flexible packaging company in North America to adopt CERM technology. 

Implementing CERM has meant an entire upgrade of Prairie State Group’s computers and servers in addition to the new ERP system. For Prairie State Group customers, this means new quotes, production order processes, material inventory, and invoices are all captured through CERM.

VP of Operations and Principle of Prairie State Group, Dan Doherty, says, “A major deciding factor in adopting CERM had to do with the needs of our customers, as well as our internal team. After seeing ERP options and presentations, we agreed CERM was the best path forward. It’s user-friendly, and we have a great rapport with the CERM team. We’re confident CERM will give us what we want and improve Prairie State Group’s internal and external operations.”

For partners like Prairie State Group, CERM provides end-to-end solutions for the entire value chain. Flexible packaging customers need greater consistency in the printing process, and fast access to sales order stats. Prairie State Group can now offer its customers a high-quality, convenient, and reliable experience with CERM. 

“CERM gives PSG the ability to see real-time metrics, prompting PSG’s ability to make adjustments if needed so they can continue leading in cost-effective solutions,” said CERM’s North American Business Development Manager, Esteban Garcia. “By implementing CERM, PSG continues to live up to a significant part of its mission — customer satisfaction. CERM’s real-time shop floor data collection gives the customer service department the tools it needs to give accurate order status to customers in real-time.”

Prairie State Group clients will find an overall improvement in production process efficiency, a decrease in redundancies, and better production times thanks to CERM. In addition, customers will also enjoy a more streamlined and convenient administration of shipping processes and invoicing. Faster, more accurate production updates from CSRs is another benefit CERM’s implementation provides. 

Since 1999, Prairie State Group has provided custom solutions for the packaging and labeling industry. The company offers brand protection with high-definition plate making, and high food safety standards.(SQF Ed 8). Now, with the implementation of CERM, Prairie State Group is ready to provide their customers with an even greater experience when they order custom labels and packaging. 

Customers will enjoy a faster throughput of sales orders, which is especially beneficial for repeat jobs. CERM provides a better follow up of the proofing cycle, and automation and integration with Automation Engine from Esko. A machine counter system provides enhanced inventory accuracy of raw materials. 

Redundant tasks are eliminated since crucial information is more readily available, leading to increased productivity. Change-over times are also reduced since machines can be optimally scheduled.

CERM also gives printing manufacturers greater insight into the profitability of different products. Master rolls converted to slit rolls are fully traceable and FedEx shipping integration is available. Printers also have access to the Novaflow ink dispenser system (a Corbob company) , along with Sage Accounting (provided by e2b teknologies) and QA tools.

Prairie State Group believes that seamless communication is vital to building and maintaining successful relationships with customers. The company is confident that the adoption of CERM technology will lead to greater possibilities and opportunities for their customers. 

About Prairie State Group: Prairie State Group is an SQF certified flexible packaging and label printing company in Franklin Park, IL. The company works one-on-one with customers to deliver branded, high-quality flexible packaging and pressure sensitive labels. 





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