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Total Label USA: From hand typed labels to a fully automated solution

When Total Label USA implemented a new ERP system, CERM, they also chose Consignor as a fully integrated Delivery Management solution and gained a much more efficient delivery process as well better overview of their shipments.

Total Label USA, based in Whitefish Montana, producing high quality labels for various types of products, had a mission to increase the efficiency of their operations and needed software to support that ambition. CERM, who specializes in software for the printing industry, was chosen as the business management backend and for Delivery Management purposes, Consignor fits like a glove.

Efficient, automated and integrated solution
IT Manager at Total Label USA, Nick Daniels explains:

“We ship with FedEx, UPS and 7 smaller, local carriers and before, we booked shipments directly at each carrier in their systems and for some of the local couriers, we even filled in the freight labels by hand.”

The need for automating the process was fulfilled by a Consignor solution, which has been fully integrated in Total Label USA’s ERP set-up and offers automated shipment booking, print of freight labels and tracking – all in one place.

“The integrated solution makes it much easier for us. We only have to relate to one system and it goes without saying that we save massive amounts of time with automatically printed labels for all our carriers. We have also gained a much better overview with track and trace on all our shipments”, says Nick Daniels.

When shipments are created in Consignor, each shipment gets a unique ID in Consignor Portal. In the Portal, shipments can be followed on their journey to the receiver and users have access to valuable statistics, end-of-day reports and much more.

Investing in US growth
The US is a high-priority market for Consignor. Vice President Steffen Pasgaard explains:

“The US is a very important market for us and we really put some resources into incorporating the carriers and features in demand by US shippers. Throughout the Total Label USA-project, we have confirmed that we are able to meet these demands and are able to support the total service catalogue from the most important actors in the North American shipping industry, such as UPS and FedEx. In cooperation with US customers, we have developed new US-based carrier modules and look forward to growing further in this market. Currently, we are investing heavily to make this happen.”

For the Total Label USA project, 7 integrations towards local carriers were developed as well as some localization in order to accommodate US specifications and metrics. About the cooperation with Consignor, Nick Daniels says:

“Consignor has been more than flexible to accommodate the requirements of the US shipping market and they offered the best solution for our shipping needs in the US. Throughout the process, they did whatever it took and then some to meet our demands.”

CERM was also satisfied with the project and cooperation between Total Label USA, Consignor and themselves. Chris Gullet, Consultant at CERM says:

“This has been an extremely satisfied vendor/supplier experience using Consignor and for our customer, the Consignor tool is very robust and easy to work with for an average person to workflow shipping tasks”.

Getting ready for future delivery challenges
As a company, Total Label USA places great emphasis on genuine customer service as well as innovation and wants to offer their customers the products they prefer and deliver them in a timely manner.

“Consignor helps us develop our business in the sense that we now spend much less time handling deliveries and are able to dedicate that time to our customers and developing new, pioneering products for them instead,” says Nick Daniels.


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