Going into the new year with a brand-new site


Agreed, New Year’s Resolutions might sound a bit nineties, or old-fashioned or cliché… But it’s never a bad idea to set some goals at the start of the year. And especially if you’re about to launch a brand-new website. We’ve rethought main elements and added some structure to our story for prospects, customers and partners. You can read all about our CERM MIS solutions for label or packaging printers, discover all CERM integrations with industry leading partners or engage in the CERM Radar assessment tool to discover how our CERM MIS can streamline your workflow.


Compatiblity for workflow efficiency

Strong partnerships with industry leaders are the foundations we rely on. We strongly believe that all individual software systems offer an interesting set of functionalities, but it’s the interaction between all these software and operating systems within your MIS software that creates an extra dimension with endless possibilities.

That’s why we dedicated a whole new chapter to our key standard integrations. You can now discover them here, neatly organized following the standard workflow from CRM to invoicing. More information on all partners involved can be found at the bottom of the page.


Calculate your return

We renewed our CERM Radar assessment tool and added the CERM ROI report, so you know exactly what to expect before implementing the CERM MIS. The CERM Radar is our own assessment tool, based on 6 axes of development. It’s a short three-step and easy-to-complete survey that outlines current situation and how the CERM MIS can help you improve productivity.

If you’d prefer a more tangible approach, there’s always the opportunity to apply for your free CERM ROI report with detailed analysis with the expected return. A strong asset in your decision-making process.


Announcing the CERM ID and support services.

Redesigning our website doesn’t mean we’re forgetting about our customers. We embedded a complete support section, redirecting you to the exact CERM service you need. Whether you are a novice or an experienced CERM-user, the CERM Academy delivers over 400 tutorials on how to master the CERM MIS software. If you’re experiencing a more urgent problem, we’ve put a direct link to the CERM Online Help and ticket service for our helpdesk.


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